Villa Olmi Firenze

San Lorenzo: picnic under the stars


... it's the summer evening you can't miss! You will find the best wineries and quality food to welcome you in a location surrounded by greenery, in a setting with old trees and Italian gardens.

The event will be organized in the Park with live music and a picnic basket will be delivered to each guest, with the following menu:

- Spelled salad with vegetable pesto

- Grilled cuttlefish with chickpeas and soy sauce

- Octopus and potatoes

- Cold pasta from Sorrento

- Ham and melon

- Yogurt mousse with diced pineapple

During the evening the following farms will be present for exhibitions and tastings: Panizzi si San Gimignano; La Querce di Impruneta; Tenuta Sant'Agnese di Piombino.

The picnic will be set up in the park with a plaid (not provided by the hotel).